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How to Choose the Best Stock Photographs for Your Website design

How to Choose the Best Stock Photographs for Your Website Design

Free stock photos can really enhance the appearance of your website at basically no cost to you. However, choosing the right stock photos is crucial to gain the proper result. This means you not only have to know where to look but what to look for that best matches the content of your site. What follows is a simple guideline that will help you choose the best stock photos time…

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Why Every Company Needs a Customised Logo

The business logo is one of the oldest and most effective means of communication for all companies. The logo is shorthand for the business name and so much more. Even before the invention of printing, businesses of all types created logos to help get noticed and improve their business brand. As the centuries passed, logos became more sophisticated with the invention of printing, the expansion of newspapers, billboards, and business…

How to Use Your Website to Tell Your Brands Story

Marketing your website includes many different factors ranging from good content, excellent SEO, easy navigation, and so forth. One aspect that is often overlooked is the branding of your site. An effective bespoke design means that your brand is perfectly captures to get customers excited about purchasing from you. By creating content & images that are tailored for your customer base, you can increase your leads, improve sales, and convert…

How To Pick The Right Font For Your Website & Branding

How To Pick The Right Font For Your Website & Branding

When putting together a website, one aspect that is often overlooked is the type of font or typography that is used for the text. While most people will avoid garish or unreadable fonts, understanding the subtle differences of lettering can make a big impact on the consumer. Of course, the different aspects of your website, including the style, colour, images, video, and the font work together to create the right…

More Web Design Trends For 2018 and 2019

More Web Design Trends For 2018 & 2019

In terms of web design trends for 2019, there are already some trends in place that can be expected to grow substantially. Predicting the future of web design trends can be tricky as new technology tends to change the course of many trends. What follows are a few of the most popular current web design trends that should expand in 2019. Mobile First Design Perhaps the easiest trend to forecast…

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What Will Websites Look Like In 2019?

If you’re interested in creating a persuasive argument with your website in the year 2019 here are some of the top design trends to consider The nature of websites has been changing rapidly since the dawn of the mobile web and with almost every new piece of upgraded technology that comes into play. It seems as though there’s always some new change on the horizon for the way that websites…

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High End Web Design for Your Company or Brand

Your website is the front porch of your online business, so the better it looks, the better your business looks. That’s why successful online businesses use high end web design to maximise attraction of new customers and build a solid Return of Investment (ROI) with established customer sales. A luxury web design is not just an option if you are trying to succeed online and it does not cost as…

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Custom Graphics and Illustration in Web Design

Over the past several years, there has been a strong emphasis on using simple text and photos or images in web design. While there are advantages to this approach, there is a new movement that is embracing website illustration that is fronting a new, bolder trend. It has been predicted for years that web design would embrace bolder graphics, illustration, split-screen layouts, and brighter colours. However, only recently has this…

brutalist web design graphic design resurgence

The Resurgence Of Brutalism In Web Design

As new software and coding emerges, the minimalist web design trend that has dominated for over a decade is giving way to new styles, most notably maximalism and brutalism. Brutalist design is a concept that has been around for many decades in architecture, posters, and art, but it is now making its way to web design. A brutalist website can best be described as a minimalist approach, but much stronger….

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The Importance of a Striking Logo

It’s rather peculiar that some businesses don’t have a compelling logo in 2017 Logos are company’s signature everywhere – from websites, publications, billboards and business cards With that in mind, creating an eye catching logo has become absolutely crucial to any modern business. The thing is that not all logos are created equal – some are good, some are bad, and some are downright ugly. So what makes a striking…