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Web Design in Reading, Berkshire

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All websites include:

  • Built in SEO.
  • First year website hosting free.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • All your pages and content added.
  • Launched on Google.
  • CMS for content management.

Web Design & SEO in Reading, Berkshire

Whether you need a brand new website that skyrockets your brand's online visibility or SEO services that put you on the map and push you higher up Google's search rankings, we are here to help.

We have worked with businesses of all sizes and shapes, from self-employed small sole traders up to huge global businesses. Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, we have the perfect package for you.

Our ultimate aim is to create long lasting professional partnerships, to exceed expectations and to create great websites. We have around 20 years experience and a proven track record of designing great looking sites that perform on the search engines.

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Mobile friendly web design

Over 50% of web traffic is mobile so it's important your website is responsive.

A website should look professional, convey your ideas and products effectively to your audience, and above all else, deliver returns on your investment. In the fast moving world of web design, sites can quickly become out of date or even worse - not work properly. Future proof your website by making sure it's responsive and make sure your customers / clients can find the information they need.

Responsive websites adapt to their environment and reposition their elements on the screen, depending on its size. Using a large amount of pre written rules, whenever a website loads the code in the background will figure out how big the screen is, and it will display the website according to those rules.

Responsive web design is a very important approach in web design aimed at building sites to provide the best possible browsing experience with no need for pinching, zooming and scrolling, ensuring that the site renders in the easiest way possible for the users to read and navigate.

Given that over 50% of internet traffic is now mobile, it's essential that your website is optimised for mobile and tablet, as well as desktop. Not only will this result in an extremely professional looking website, it will future proof your site and make sure that none of your customers are getting annoyed at not being able to use your website properly.

Powerful SEO built into your website

We provide powerful SEO solutions for small to large sized businesses.

Good search engine optimisation is an integral part of web design, that's why we build it into every website we create. This gives your website a great platform from which to build from as your website grows.

SEO is the background work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure your site gets picked up and ranked highly by Google and the other search engines. We add all the necessary features your site will need to be picked up. The higher up the search engine listings your website is the more visitors you should get to your website, which in turn means more sales and more business.

If a part of your site can be optimised, it will be optimised! This is all part of the service, every site contains SEO included in the price, giving you a great start if you are a new company. In regards to ongoing SEO, all of our monthly packages are pay as you go, so there's no chance of you being locked into a long term contract.

Every website is different, so we would create a custom package for you that matches up with your needs and budget. We are #1 ranked in our town and have a proven track record of making sure websites are highly ranked.

Cost effective websites for all budgets

Regardless of the size of your business we will have a package to suit you.

We build highly optimised and beautifully designed websites for all types of businesses so whether you're a startup, a small local company, or a large national company, we can build a professional looking and engaging website that fits your budget.

Affordable web design is a vital component for many small businesses and startups without the budget of an established national company. Small companies or new startup companies need an affordable website that can grow and scale with them, reducing the risk of a big outlay up front. We use the WordPress content management system on the vast majority of our websites. WordPress is a very powerful and versatile open source tool with a huge amount of people worldwide coding new functionality which can be harnessed on your site.

WordPress sites are great value for money as the majority of functionality needed for most sites is already included.

If you do not wish to spend thousands on a fully bespoke website, we have multiple options for clients with a low budget. Affordable web design is a vital component for many small businesses and startups without the budget of an established national company. Small companies or new startup companies need an affordable website that can grow and scale with them, reducing the risk of a big outlay up front.

Fast & reliable website hosting

The first year of hosting with us is free, helping you save money while expanding your business efforts online.

The key to all online businesses is having the right website host that properly displays and supports your site. This means a host that provide exceptional security, unlimited bandwidth, excellent services, and the proper reliability to know that your site is up and running 24/7. Speed, security and reliability are the three most important aspects of website hosting.

There are four basic types of hosting that you should consider for your website. Shared, which is cheap and easy to maintain but limited in power and control. Cloud hosting, which is flexible and cost efficient. For larger sites or those that are more popular then a VPS hosting solution gives excellent control and power but is more expensive. The largest sites will need dedicated hosting, which is the ultimate in power and control but comes with very high costs.

Most will start with a shared or cloud hosted site which is certainly understandable. Just be sure that your site will have the room needed to grow.

With our packages, the first year of hosting is free. That helps you save money while expanding your business efforts online. Having a free first year means that you can get more out of your online efforts while less money leaves your pocket. We understand that you may want to be in full control, which is why we offer packages that let you self-host.

We also offer a website management package, to keep your website fully up to date, using the best practices and the most robust security. Our website management package can also include things like copywriting / article addition to website, addition of client photos to case study or gallery pages, speed improvements using latest code and technology and just generally improving the website over time.

Your website fully managed

Keep your website in safe hands with professional website management.

If you are too busy to manage your own website, or want the peace of mind that comes with professional management, our website management package will be ideal for you. We regularly keep your WordPress website up to date and secure with the latest platform updates. We can provide regular code upgrades for increased website speed , plugin upgrades and security upgrades as they are required.

We can also add your latest case studies, gallery images, professionally written blog content and more. Just send us anything new each month and we will optimise it and add it to your website, post to social media and more.

Whether you are launching your website for the first time, or you could use access to some new content to build up your SEO, we can apply the right changes and best practices that you need to get more value out of your website.

As we continue to keep your website fresh and updated, we will ensure that your website has the best platform from which to grow. Our website management package is also available with basic SEO, which includes a professionally written blog post / news article each month and optimising your existing content as well as any new content you send us.

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