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A good SEO strategy will help you build up web traffic, target potential customers, and boost your bottom line.

If there's one thing more important than how your website looks it's SEO. If your website is poorly optimised then it will appear low down in the listings on search engines and nobody will find your site, no matter how good it looks!

SEO is not just about keywords, it's about improving your website in general. Improving the experience that visitors have with your website increases the chance they will become customers.

If your website has stagnated or dropped down the search listings recently, or you have paid for a new website / SEO work and have not seen the results you have hoped for, then we can help.

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How our SEO services work:

1. Website SEO Appraisal

If you have an existing website that’s not performing, we can have a good look at it and tell you where and how it can be improved. Firstly, we perform an appraisal of your website from top to bottom, assessing it’s SEO potential and looking for issues that may be affecting your online business.

During the appraisal we inspect the quality of all aspects of your site and all the content on it, and all other off-site aspects that might affect your search engine ranking. There are 100s of different things that search engines look for when they are ranking your site.

We use a wide range of tools allowing us to rate your site as well as inspecting the source code and layout / structure of your site. These all determine the visibility of your site to potential visitors.

2. Initial SEO Work Performed

Once the appraisal is complete, we will present you with a list of things that should be changed, along with our reasoning and explanation. The issues we identify will be organised into urgent, important, and optional improvements.

You can decide what you would like us to fix and over how long a period, keeping you in control of the work undertaken and your spending. We will then get to work improving your website. Once your website has been repaired and is a good platform from which to grow, an ongoing SEO campaign can start.

3. Ongoing SEO Package

Whether you have an existing website or we’ve just built one for you, we have a wide range of options available that form our SEO and website management packages. Ongoing SEO work allows us to improve your website naturally over time, working towards long term goals and targets.

We work with you to identify the best search terms for your brand / website, and work towards integrating these into your content and into the background so that your search engine ranking increases. We streamline our efforts and pick the best search terms that will give you more visitors and more conversions.

Our ongoing SEO packages include a variety of services, including new content / copywriting, new images, existing content improvements, keyword research, competitor research, safely finding backlink opportunities, and improving the website speed and security. Each package is different and is tailored towards your goals whilst keeping your budget in mind.

Are you looking for SEO in Reading?

SEO is the use of keywords or key phrases which people use to find what they need on search engines like Google. By incorporating the keywords and key phrases into your website, you help to boost your chances of being discovered by people looking for the products or services you offer. The advantages of using SEO are considerable when used correctly.

Great search engine optimisation can dramatically increase the amount of hits your website gets. By taking a complete approach, we can help you bring in more visitors and improve the quality of their experience on your website. This means that visitors will not only show up in greater numbers but stay longer and become more likely to purchase from your site.

Boosting the SEO potential of your website means increasing the traffic to your site from those who are already interested in what you have to offer.

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