SEO How To – Basics

Our SEO guide will help you optimise your website for the search engines. Here we discuss a number of simple ways in which you can improve your ranking.

Good search engine optimisation has the power to increase your rankings and bring you more customers

In this page we’ll explain some of the things you can do with your new website after launch, to keep your site fresh and to keep the search engines interested in your site, so that your search engine ranking can steadily improve, bringing more customers to your site.

SEO is a process which will take time. It will take a lot of effort and commitment but the results will always be worth it.

If you go into this process with the mindset that what you are doing will benefit the users of your website, and to make your website easier to use, navigate, and understand, then you shouldn’t go wrong.

Want to get more visitors to your site?


The best, and easiest way for you to accomplish these goals is to write a blog post once a week. This should only take 20 minutes or so, and all you need to do, depending on your industry, is to either talk about your products, or general industry news.

  • Talk about a new product that has entered your range
  • Discuss a new industry standard
  • Go into detail about a job you have just completed

By ensuring that you use the right keywords in your blog post / news article, you will further boost the instances of these words on your site, raising your seo rating. Add links to these keywords, pointing back at relevant pages on your site, slowly creating a big web in which all your important pages and keywords are linked.


Google analytics is a great tool to be able to monitor visitors, and keywords etc. It is best to monitor the keywords people are using to find products and services such as yours by looking at Google Analytics and other trends online. Things get mixed up by the search engines every year or so and by staying ahead of your competitors you can get ahead of your competitors.Stay ahead and monitor your customers search habits and find new opportunities.

Link building

It’s imperative that you try to get as many other sites to link to your site as possible. Not only will this bring people to your site sooner, links are one of the key ways in which search engines determine the value of a site. Say for example there are two identical sites, the site being linked to from the highest quality websites will be first in the rankings. This practice needs to be maintained and kept control over though, and one of the worst things you can do is pay for a huge amount of poor quality links from worthless websites. This will get you penalised, and could even see you temporarily banned from the listings, pending an appeal.


We will have picked a bunch of relevant keywords for your site, a handful of core words that best describe what you do, and that are also the words your potential customers are likely to use to find what they are looking for. We build these into the background of your site, but they should also appear on the front. When you/we are adding pages, blog posts, pictures etc to your site, the chosen keywords should be inserted into the titles of pages, the text in a blog post, or the alternate text added to a picture. All these little things slowly build up over time, and will increase your rankings.