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Brave Browser to Launch Search Engine

Brave Browser to Launch Search Engine

Brave, which currently offers an open-source web browser, is now launching a search engine that will be focused on protecting the privacy of the user. The search engine will offer both free and ad-supported search options. When it launches, Brave will be on the second company to offer both a…

How Long does SEO Take

How Long does SEO Take?

One of the biggest questions that many people have about SEO is how long does it take to work? This is an excellent question because given all the hype about SEO, many believe that it will work right away. Unfortunately, this is normally not the case as SEO needs a…

Free Google Tools To Help You Improve Your Website

Free Google Tools To Help You Improve Your Website

If you are interested in improving your website in the future and you would like to take advantage of some free tools, you could be in luck with the features that Google has to offer. Here are some excellent tools that any website owner can benefit from using the Google…

Writing Content for Your Website with SEO in Mind

Writing Content for Your Website with SEO in Mind

Effective writing for your website is a combination of focus, flow, and keyword inclusion. For those who want to make the most of what search engine optimisation (SEO) has to offer, you must focus on creating interesting, informative content that includes the proper keywords to help boost your rankings on…

A Guide to Local SEO in Reading

A Guide to Local SEO

For those who own restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses that depend on foot traffic to generate profits, local SEO strategies can help you find new customers online. With more people using the internet on their computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones to find the things they need in their community….

Local SEO Tips For Business Websites

Local SEO Tips For Businesses

There are specific local SEO tips which can help you boost your business’s online presence. Increased website visitors can make your business a big deal in your area. If what you sell is of good quality and you know the kind of people who actually need it, half of your job…

Current SEO Trends You Must Know About

Current SEO Trends You Must Know

You need to know the current SEO trends in 2019 and make them work for your own website content. What does your audience prefer? Text? Images? Videos? Audio? Knowing this is most important in 2019. You need to understand what someone is expecting to find when they query a word or…

Why Local Businesses Need Websites 01

Why Local Businesses Need Websites

Today, people use their computers and especially their smartphones and tablets to find local businesses online It was not long ago that the traditional means of advertising, billboards, radio, television, and the newspaper, were the means that most people found out about your business.  More people overall, but especially younger…

A Guide to Local SEO in Reading and Why It's Important 01

A Guide to Local SEO in Reading

Whether you’re just starting out or have been established for decades, the internet has changed the way businesses advertise to their local customers. While many business owners might believe that traditional local advertising is all they need, the truth is that more people rely on finding local stores using their…

security consultancy logo branding web design 01

Website & Branding For Security Consultancy

Recently launched website project including branding We recently launched a brand new website for CAE Consultants, based in Reading. CAE Consultants is a bespoke security consultancy. It was formed by it’s Managing Director, Craig Etherton, who is a production security manager to the film/TV industry. They provide a wide range…