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The Advantage of a bespoke web design over pre-built

Bespoke web design offers a different approach compared to a standard WordPress site and can be built to exactly meet your needs.

Standard or off-the-shelf WordPress, on the other hand, is all pre-written, for free or purchase, and your options are more limited in regards to customisation.

If you are wondering why a bespoke website is superior to a WordPress theme site…

Bespoke web design leads to increased speed

Custom code makes a site run faster and more efficiently. You may be able to buy a decent template, but over time, the pre-written code will slow your site, annoy your visitors and limit your conversions.

Commercially available WordPress themes are often filled with unnecessary bloated code. Those who are not familiar with code will not recognise this nor realise this code cannot be deleted – it is imbedded in the template.

Custom code in a bespoke website gives your customers what they want and how they want to see it on a desktop or mobile.

A fast and lightweight website leads to a higher ranking

Bespoke design raises your ranking on Google with the search results, including the all important first page. Pre-fab WordPress themes simply cannot compete.

Sites that share much of the same characteristics, like extra and unnecessary code, means Google penalises your site, burying it on deeper pages.

Bespoke web design is cost efficient

First, understand that a website started from scratch and running will sting financially. Recognise this: You are paying for exactly what you want in your vision for your site. Everything that you want in your website is there without any bells and whistles (unless requested).

Your customers will be able to find what they want quickly and easily. This means the website will pay for itself much more rapidly than a pre-built template WordPress site.

Your bespoke site is designed to be upgraded, changed and adapt as your customer base does the same. Your business has competition, and you need to stay on top of that competition. This means being able to change – something you cannot do with a pre-built WordPress site.


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