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How Important is Page Load Time to Google Ranking

How Important is Page Load Time to Google Ranking?

A fast website is not only beneficial in terms of the user experience, but also the search engine ranking for the site as well. While most people take little note of pages that load quickly, they will remember pages that are loading slowly and will often leave before they are done. A fast page load is not only convenient, it also improves the traffic, bounce rate, and conversion rate statistics…

choosing the right hosting for your website

Choosing the Right Hosting Package for Your Business

You’ve selecting your domain name, but now you need a website hosting platform that can handle your site and respond to your needs. However, not all hosting companies are alike and while many will put up fancy statistics to help sell their services, you will need to know what to look for in finding the right hosting package for your site. The best way to approach looking for a website…