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Your website business is only as good as the customers who can find you. This means if you are looking for customers, you need your website SEO optimised for that vaulted first page of the Google SERP.

Fortunately for you, we have our seo blog ready to help with these very things. Our SEO blog covers all sorts of things.

SEO Basics – The world of SEO is considerably more advanced than it was just a decade ago, and Google algorithm keeps growing more and more advanced. Think you can get your site ranked with plugged keywords? Think again – you need more than that now.

How SEO works – What is the secret to Google’s algorithm? Are there other tips and tricks that you can leverage for you and your business? Of course there is! You have to know where to find them, and we have them for you.

Raise your site ranking – Google page one is the Holy Grail of SEO and SEO specialists. Did you know 90 percent of Google users never go beyond that first page? This means your website business needs to stand up and out. How? Read the blog to learn!

How Does Website Hosting Affect SEO

How Does Your Website Hosting Affect SEO?

SEO is more than simply keywords and content, it relates to the user experience in general. In other words, it’s not just posting good content that is properly infused with the right keywords. It is making sure that where you…

What Is Link Building and Why You Should Do It

Link building is an essential part of growing any website. The amount of backlinks is also one of the biggest factors that affect your website ranking. Link building is exactly what it sounds like: the process of acquiring links that…

What is Google Page Speed Insights and Why is It Important

What is Google Page Speed Insights and Why is It Important?

One of the most important attributes of website performance is the speed in which it downloads. The faster the download speed, the greater the impression. However, measuring such speeds requires something like Google Page Speed Insights (GPSI), so that you…

A Guide to Local SEO in Reading

A Guide to Local SEO

For those who own restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses that depend on foot traffic to generate profits, local SEO strategies can help you find new customers online. With more people using the internet on their computers, laptops, tablets, and…

Local SEO Tips For Business Websites

Local SEO Tips For Businesses

There are specific local SEO tips which can help you boost your business’s online presence. Increased website visitors can make your business a big deal in your area. If what you sell is of good quality and you know the kind…

Current SEO Trends You Must Know About

Current SEO Trends You Must Know

You need to know the current SEO trends in 2019 and make them work for your own website content. What does your audience prefer? Text? Images? Videos? Audio? Knowing this is most important in 2019. You need to understand what someone…

A Guide to Local SEO in Reading and Why It's Important 01

A Guide to Local SEO in Reading

Whether you’re just starting out or have been established for decades, the internet has changed the way businesses advertise to their local customers. While many business owners might believe that traditional local advertising is all they need, the truth is…

Reliable & Natural SEO Methods for Your Website

Reliable & Natural SEO Methods for Your Website

Over the years the basic approach of SEO has not changed all that much, but the effectiveness of the different techniques varies considerably. This is because Google, other search engines, social media, and video have all made changes to how…

How to Safely Increase the Amount of Backlinks to Your Website

How to Safely Increase the Amount of Backlinks to Your Website

For those interested in improving SEO for your website, backlinks are one of the simplest, most effective means of accomplishing that task. From website owners to professional SEO services, backlinks are one of the cornerstone methods of improving search engine…

How Important is Page Load Time to Google Ranking

How Important is Page Load Time to Google Ranking?

A fast website is not only beneficial in terms of the user experience, but also the search engine ranking for the site as well. While most people take little note of pages that load quickly, they will remember pages that…