Boost Your Website Ranking With SEO

One of the best online marketing strategies being employed today is search engine optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO? It’s a method of boosting your websites rankings through bringing in new people

SEO achieves rankings by using specially selected keywords to increase their probability of landing on the first page of google and staying there for a while. There are several reasons being a first listing on google is one of the best ways to promote your website and drive up rankings. Here are five reasons you should look into using SEO for your website:

1. Search engine optimisation increases traffic to your site
It’s estimated that the majority of people using a search engine will end up picking out of the first five options listed from search results. It’s also estimated that 60% of people will click on the first result to come up on google. This means that managing to get into the first 5 listings on Google will very likely increase your sites traffic dramatically.

2. Increase your brands reputation
Not only does SEO increase traffic to your website, SEO also helps solidify the brand you’re representing when used properly. People expect the top links from google searches to be trustworthy, accurate websites. This means not only when your site is top of the list in a google search your sites exposure exponentially increases. This ingrains your brand into people’s minds and helps to show them its trustworthy.

3. People trust in popular search engines
Search engines put people at ease, no one expects the top links in a google search to be malicious. People trust in brands like google and yahoo to provide safe, accurate search results. This carries through, the further back your website is listed on google the more worried clients will be about your website. By using SEOs abilities to place your website on the first page with ease.

4. SEO leads to improved ROI
SEO has proven to have a better return on investment (ROI) than normal advertisements. Research shows people that click on a website because of SEO buy products 2% more of the time than people that clicked on normal advertisements. These numbers clearly show SEO is a more beneficial tool than normal ads due to helping create a substantial amount of more new clients purchasing products on the SEO sites that normally advertised ones.

5. No breaks with SEO
One of the best things about SEO is that as long as you invest a little time in maintenance it’ll never take a break. Whereas if you’re employing someone to advertise for you there will be downtime whenever that person goes on holiday or is sick. SEO though just needs a little setting up, like posting a newsletter or blog with SEO keywords, and then SEO will continue to work to drive up traffic without fail.