Bad SEO Habits You Should Avoid on Your Website

Here are a few tips that will help you avoid bad SEO habits, so you can improve your website rankings and make more sales conversions.

Although many online business owners are well-versed in the art of good search engine optimisation (SEO), there are still some bad habits that they engage in which drives down their search engine rankings. Today, good search engine optimisation means focusing on the right habits as shaped by Google’s current algorithms and not relying on old, outdated information.

Avoiding Duplicate Content

One issue that plagues even good websites is duplicate content. In fact, a recent study showed that about 2/3rds of all websites had issues with duplicate content that was affecting their search engine rankings. It’s easy to overlook unless you check regularly that your content had too many duplications. However, it is also one of the easiest problems to correct if you take the right action.

The good news is that Google has plenty of helpful information about identifying and correcting duplicate content which will move your ranking upwards. You will want to review your entire website first and focus on correcting the duplicate content so that it is changed. It may need only a few changes or perhaps it will need to be entirely rewritten or removed. In any event, by working on this first you can boost your website’s rankings quickly.

Short-Form Content

Generally speaking, a good 3,000-word article is better than a 500-word article, especially if it is not thin or stretched out. While some short article blogs still do well today, the most popular are those that contain more than 3,000 words. There are good reasons for this, but you will need to expand your content while keeping it focused on the subject.

For those use to writing short-form blogs, this will not be easy as expanding the content will mean putting more work into how it is written. However, the benefits come from greater reader engagement on the subject along with more information. It can be beneficial to hire a good copywriter to provide you with good quality website content. This combination bodes well for your site, so adding more long-form content will definitely help if it is well-written.

Sticking to One Keyword with No Variations

It was not long ago that sticking to a single keyword repeated on page after page was a standard SEO tactic. However, with algorithms improving, it is no longer necessary to keep to that practice. This is because the topic of the page to Google no longer relies on this system to work.

Start with your focus keyword and then use variations after that. It should be used in a natural way, so that it does not compromise your content. A good way to add alternatives is to type in your primary keyword to Google, go to the bottom and see the variations. Putting in a few of those will mix things up and result in better SEO when used correctly.

While not the most important way to improve your website rankings, it is good search engine optimisation that can make a real difference.

Sacrificing Quality over Quantity

The quality of the content you release matters, so be sure that what you produce is good, solid, usable information that can improve your web traffic. Getting good quality content is not that difficult if you follow a few simple rules.

  • Focus on the purpose of the content
  • Cover all major points substantially
  • Showcase your knowledge and trustworthiness on the subject

Basically, if the content is accurate and you shape it to demonstrate you know what you are talking about, then it will be perceived as good quality. The more high-quality posts you make, the better it will affect you search engine rankings. You’ll need to find the right balance of quality to speed as you need to put out content regularly. However, the focus itself should be to make each article, each post one of the best quality possible.

So, whether you write the content yourself or hire others to do it for you, be sure that the focus is on good quality.

Not Maintaining Regular Content Postings

Posting an article here and there is not good if you want to maintain a viewership for your site. People are creatures of habit, but just as importantly Google rewards sites that provide fresh content on a regular basis. It helps build authority when you post regularly, such as once per week as opposed to whenever you have decided to write something new.

In addition to posting on regular dates, it also helps to increase the content outflow as well. In other words, posting three times per week is superior compared to once per week. The more you post, the more traffic is developed. However, you will need to decide at what rate is the most comfortable for you to put up new content.

Unexpected Results

By following these five steps, you can improve the ranking of your website, but more importantly you will be improving the content which will have additional benefits. The most important being that a solid, high-quality website that offers the best in content may lead to greater sales conversion. While there are important factors in converting visitors to customers, such as easy navigation for example. The more you improve the website overall, the more impressed visitors will be, and this will start the conversion process.

As your search rankings go up, the effect will start to snowball as more people visit your site and become customers. So, your efforts to improve SEO starts by leaving behind the old habits and working on improving the overall impression that the site creates. For every step forward, your site is also making progress that you may not see initially. However, it is the unexpected results that will have the most impact.

Good search engine optimisation means understanding the rules in effect today and changing with the times. In that way, you can improve your website ranking while increasing sales conversion which makes for a better performing site.