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Too busy to keep updating your website? You can relax with our website management package.

We will treat your website like our own, keeping everything up to date, adding new content and keeping things secure.

It can be hard sometimes to find the time to sit down and write about your business, but it’s imperative that you keep adding content to your new website in order to improve your websites ranking on the search engines. Good website management practices involve the regular addition of keyword rich and well written content. That’s where we come in! On a weekly or monthly basis we can write new articles for you relating to your business, and post them on your website for you.

This helps your website evolve and grow over time, so even if nothing else has changed in regards to your business, you at least have a good collection of new content added to the site each year. Search engines like the fact that you provide new information to your website visitors.

Our website management packages usually include:

Keeping your website healthy

The first and most important part of our website management package is to evaluate and make improvements to the website itself. All other practices are secondary to having a healthy website which functions properly and is free of compromises such as viruses, bad programming, and the like.

We begin by conducting a proper evaluation which goes over the health of your website. Any issues found are quickly corrected. And, any improvements we can make to bolster the health of your website are also employed. The result is that your website is improved to the point where the rest of the website management package and be effectively employed.

The bottom line is that we start by getting your website into proper shape, much like an athlete needs to be in their best physical condition. Once we have accomplished that task, then the rest of the practices can be employed to maintain and improve your site and improve SEO.

Updating WordPress and plugins

There are good reasons why WordPress is the most popular of all website building platforms. It is easy to use, robust, and can be improved easily thanks to how updates and changes can be made. Updating other website platforms can be difficult due to the nature of their programming. WordPress is different in that it was built to be updated easily, especially by our trained, experienced programmers.

WordPress offers updates on a frequent basis, which means that your website remains healthy. Plus, new updates may halt or prevent issues from arising in your website. Such updates can improve the security, help the website flow faster, and provide new opportunities for your site to expand and grow.

Improving the speed and security of your website

Perhaps two of the most important aspects to your website are the speed in which it downloads to computers and devices. And, the security it employs to prevent hacking, intrusion, and viruses from appearing. The better the speed and security, the better your website will be for those who visit. This is where our website management package really shines.

Improving downloading speed means identifying the areas of your website that are affecting its performance. Quite often there is content such as image, video, or graphic files that take up considerable storage space. The larger the file, the longer it takes to download. Our trained experts go over your site to identify such large files and reduce them without affecting their quality. The result is that your website downloads faster and with fewer issues.

Our security efforts start with protecting your website with the latest in security software. This helps to prevent breeches caused by hackers or viruses that disrupt your site. Plus, employing the latest security methods bolsters confidence in your customers who are more likely to visit and make purchases from your site.

Update website to best practices

Best practices are founded in tradition but updated to ensure that they apply to your site. In other words, we constantly educate ourselves with the latest practices that are best for your website. While the fundamentals do not change, many of the techniques evolve over time as technology improves and the digital environment changes.

For example, the rise of mobile devices as the primary way that most people surf the web has caused considerable change in the practices used to showcase websites just like yours. We account for such changes and update to the best practices which ensures a smooth, functional website.

Website content updates

The heart of your website is the content you provide. Visitors see the content and its merits will help them decide whether to stay or go to another site. Updating your content is vital to keeping visitors and customers interested in your website.

Content comes in different forms from articles, blogs, descriptions of products, images, and video, and more. Updating content means adding new, important information to your site that helps attract new visitors. It also means changing or removing content that is outdated. In addition, updates to content may mean correcting inaccurate or misleading information that might be affecting the effectiveness of your website.

We examine the content on your site and provide suggestions as to what can be updated, improved, or removed depending on its nature. We will also set up a schedule for new content to be posted so that your site can maintain its status. New, effective content has a powerful effect on the reputation, branding, and interest that your site has on visitors. Our website management package helps ensure that your content is up to date and relevant to those who visit your site.

Monitor website analytics

Analytics is the roadmap that guides the success of your site. We look at the analytics generated by your site to see what is working, where it can be improved, and what additions can be made to further enhance its effectiveness.

In addition, proper analytical research can reveal information that may boost your site away from the competition. This is because we use analytics to compare your site to the competition and see where performance can be improved. Analytics is a vital part of directing your website towards success, which is why we monitor all changes as they occur.

Adapt website to user behaviour

How people use your site is vital towards how it functions. The better your site can adapt to the behaviour of those who use it, the better the results you will receive. Our services help ensure that your website functions in a manner that is intuitive for visitors to use. We start by researching the behaviour of those who visit your website and highlight what pages are being visited the most down to the least.

From the information gathered, we then craft your website to make it more user-friendly. This means that if certain pages are visited more, we make it easier for people to see them. For pages that are not being visited, we evaluate their usefulness and determine whether they should be improved, kept as is, or changed to something else.

We incorporate all these services into a website management package that helps bolster your site. Plus, we offer our services at a low, affordable rate so you can focus on building up your website or online business to reach its full potential without draining your budget.

Our website experts know how to use the proper tools to examine and identify issues affecting your site. Plus, we can make improvements that help bolster your website branding while reaching out to more potential visitors. The result is that your website improves and attracts more visitors which builds up its profile in your industry.

Every website is different, so we would create a custom package for you that matches up with your needs and budget.

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