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Too busy to keep updating your website? You can relax with our website management package.

We will treat your website like our own, keeping everything up to date, adding new content and keeping things secure.

It can be hard sometimes to find the time to sit down and write about your business, but it’s imperative that you keep adding content to your new website in order to improve your websites ranking on the search engines. Good SEO practices involve the regular addition of keyword rich and well written content. That’s where we come in! On a weekly or monthly basis we can write new articles for you relating to your business, and post them on your website for you.

This helps your website evolve and grow over time, so even if nothing else has changed in regards to your business, you at least have a good collection of new content added to the site each year. Search engines like the fact that you provide new information to your website visitors.

Don’t have time to update your website?

Our website management packages usually include:

  • Copywriting / article addition to website
  • Addition of stock photography to articles and pages
  • Speed improvements using latest code and technology
  • Keep WordPress and/or site plugins up to date
  • Continually monitor Google ranking
  • Reshuffle content and keywords to reflect current trends
  • Improve user flow by adapting to the site to user behaviour

Every website is different, so we would create a custom package for you that matches up with your needs and budget.

Our website management packages include more than just the addition of content

In many ways, your website is only as good as the hosting services that allow it to be viewed by the world. We take your needs seriously and start with an excellent basic package that includes website hosting and domain renewal. You can start your online business with our hosting services, so we can get you online quickly which provides good value at a low, competitive rate.


Our basic package also customises every aspect of your site which allows for greater speed and load time. Improving loading time is vital for all online businesses because visitors will judge the quality of your efforts on how fast your website downloads to their computers or mobile devices. The slower the download speed, the less interested they are in viewing your website, much less purchasing the products or services that you offer. We work diligently to ensure that your website presents all the information you want while streamlining any excesses so that downloads fast to all devices.

In addition, our basic package automatically renews your domain which is unlike many of our competitors’ starting packages. The last thing you want is to establish your website, only to not have it automatically renewed and someone else buying the domain name. Our automatic renewal provides you with peace of mind and the ability to cancel if you decide that the domain name no longer works for your needs.


You get everything in our basic package and much, much more starting with our plus plugin updates and our Google account management program. WordPress is not only user-friendly, but the plugin system means that we can update this part of your site to ensure its security. Keep in mind that old plugins can be vulnerable, so our updating program keeps your site secure, functioning, and modernised.

Our Google account management program lets you check your account with Google on a regular basis, so you know your ranking, stay informed on any new rules or trends that affects your rankings, and spot any issues that might be cause for concern. With our account management system for Google, you can rest assured that you will have all you need to keep your rankings intact.


Our advanced package combines everything that the basic and intermediate packages offer and adds improvements to the user experience along with SEO services. Our team of professionals works diligently to improve the user experience for your website as if it were their own. We understand that our success is based on your success, which is why our user experience improvements can really bolster your site on a regular basis.

Our SEO services helps you to increase your search engine ranking so that more people become aware of your site and improve the visitor experience even more. We listen to you so that your ideas are properly implemented. Plus, we have years of experience in working with online business owners just like you to add the improvements needed that will help boost your site and create the best experience possible for those who visit. Let us be your go-to team that helps realize your site’s full potential.

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