The Importance of a Striking Logo

It’s rather peculiar that some businesses don’t have a compelling logo in 2017

Logos are company’s signature everywhere – from websites, publications, billboards and business cards

With that in mind, creating an eye catching logo has become absolutely crucial to any modern business. The thing is that not all logos are created equal – some are good, some are bad, and some are downright ugly. So what makes a striking logo?

Scalable – it should be robust enough to be scaled down or up without losing its appeal. Logos need to look crisp on all devices, they need to be responsive. Your logo may fit onto a letterhead or the header of your website, but how does it look when it’s 25% of the size on a mobile device or a business card? If you have a strapline under your logo it’s a good idea to remove it for mobile devices.

Original – plagiarising other organisation’s logos is a big no-no. It should exude originality right from the outset. You don’t want someone’s first impression of your business to be that you’ve ripped off a famous company’s logo!

Relevant – a great logo design should be able to resonate with your target audience. If you are targeting an older market then your logo should have classic appeal. If you are targeting a youthful audience then it should probably be bolder and more colourful.

Memorable – it should evoke emotions and create compelling impression. It doesn’t have to have a double meaning or hidden quirk like the FedEx logo, but it should be more than just plain text on a plain background.

Simple – should be not only elegant but also straightforward. This goes back to how the logo scales especially on small devices. Your logo may be beautiful and full of delicate swirls and patterns, but when your logo is reduced in size they will just look like smudges.

responsive logo design and branding 01

Why Design a Striking Logo?

To Create Loyalty – Sure, you’ve done a great job with your products or services, and customers love them. However, you need something visual for them to associate with your brand – and that’s what a logo is all about. When you create a snazzy logo, you’ll certainly solidify the loyalty of your fan base. Take a look at Apple logo, for instance; their customers would be honoured to be associated with it and they regularly stick it all over their devices. Even the phone cases have a gap so that people can see the apple logo.

To Enhance Your Brand and Image – Your business needs a logo that matches its credibility and substance. A shoddy logo design will undoubtedly ruin your impeccable reputation or at best make your team of experts look like a one person startup who put together their branding in Microsoft Word and hasn’t yet invested in any kind of design work or branding.

A Great Logo Improves Your Marketing – If you’ve compelling products and services, you need an awesome logo to sell them. You need something that customers can associate with your product. And it should be as striking as your products. When you post a marketing line on social media, for example, the first thing customers will look is your logo.

Make a Compelling Impression – The logo is often the first thing people see when they visit your website, receive your newsletter or watch your product. Once you have a striking logo, you can place it on flyers, billboards, pens, t-shirts, your company cars – wherever you imagine it will catch the attention of your potential clients.

Tell Your Story – Every logo has a story behind it. A great logo design tells the story better and more persuasively. It may well be that there is no story to tell, and that’s fine, but your logo should be relevant to your business / industry and have a relateable design quirk to them.

These are a few reasons you should create a striking logo. It can also help your business stand out in a sea of competition.