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It’s no surprise that people are attracted to cheaper solutions for their web designs

With companies like Yell offering cheap websites you can edit yourself, and with other companies touting low prices advertising on national TV, it’s not surprising that plenty of companies are using these services

In many ways it seems like a good idea to get a decent website online at an affordable cost, in some cases even for free, but there are plenty of down sides to using these services.

  • Basic design – The designs are very basic and rarely tailored to your company needs
  • Poor SEO – Your keywords are not built into the site
  • Not mobile friendly – most don’t come with genuine mobile solutions


Website builders are not set up for SEO. Some premium packages offer a ‘search engine submission’ service, but really this is only one basic step on the path to an SEO friendly website.


You always want your domain name to either be your company name, or keywords from your business. Some websites built on free website builders list your site as a sub site of theirs, eg

Not only does this look unprofessional, you don’t actually have your own domain name. If you decide to ugprade in the future, you will have to start from scratch.

If you do get your own domain name, expect to pay extra for it (domain names usually cost £10 a year) and some companies will also charge you in order for them to give you your domain back, if you decide to leave them.

You should always own your own domain name, or have it written into the contract with your web designer that you own your domain.


Most free or low budget services are ad-supported and you will have no control over which ad, or which of your competitors, might appear. It’s essential that you have your own domain name and for this you need to subscribe to the Enhanced or Pro packages costing £66 and £158 per year respectively. The second figure is around 12 times more expensive than a domain actually costs.

And the most important thing to consider, If you are paying monthly (up to £20 a month), over a few years you will have paid as much as a web designer would have charged you in the first place for a bespoke site, and a good quality website built by us, or another reputable company, will last for years and will be updateable.

Save yourself hours of frustration and damaging web practices and get in touch with us about an affordable website.

Posted in the Web Design blog category on June 30, 2014.

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"New website up and running and looking great - and the fresh look and feel is receiving plenty of compliments from our clients. Responsive and great value. Highly recommended (and already working on a new website for a related business!)" Lindsay, Reward Matters Ltd

"Great web designer who really knows his stuff. Built our company a fantastic web site which is mobile and looks really great, understood our needs from the first meeting and put a lot of effort in. I would highly recommend him." Damien, Blue School Of Motoring Ltd

"Very easy to work with. Efficient service and good value. Within 2 days of our website going live we started receiving new work. Would highly recommend." Neil, Berkshire Hampshire Heatpumps Ltd

"Forest Web Design have provided us with two websites, both of which we are very pleased with and have increased our business significantly. The service was excellent and efficient and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending them." Stuart, Magnifitents Ltd

"Very happy with our new website. Paul really listened to what we wanted but also gave us some great tips and advice on how to make it even better. Highly recommend Forest Web Design." Eddie, EON Logistics

"Could not recommend Paul enough, great communication, competitive prices, he listens to his clients requests and gives good advice. Thank you Paul, it was an absolute pleasure working with you, I love my new website." Karolina, Karolina Acupuncture

"If you are looking for a great service with great ideas that drive your business then look no further....Paul is a very talented individual who actually thinks well outside the box to deliver top drawer solutions that actually DOES deliver results. Couldn't recommend him enough." Tony, Exclusive Villa Golf

"We contacted Paul through recommendation and we couldn't be more happy with his services. Since our new site has been running we have attracted many new clients to our business. He is a Great asset to any company looking to attract more business." Leigh, Rooftek Advance

"A very personal and professional service from Paul Lambden in getting our website up and running, with expectation that his support services will be of a similar high standard." Hugh, Our Lady and St Anne

"I felt like Paul really listened to fully understand what it was that I was after from my website, and yet gently pointed me in the right direction from his experience of developing others. I couldn't recommend his services enough." Angela, Sense Of Ease

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