Web Development

Web development usually involves coding a unique and bespoke system that’s designed specifically to achieve certain goals. Web development sites usually take longer to build and are more expensive than your ‘normal’ web design due to their complexity and the fact they’re built from scratch.

Some examples of bespoke web development:

  • online staff portal to manage jobs / clients
  • a community forum
  • an online shop
  • a ratings website / directory
  • bookings system (for hotels, etc)
  • an estate agent website

We can build online shops on the WordPress platform, using a plugin called WooCommerce, which is one of the most popular systems for ecommerce in the world. Using WooCommerce helps us keep the costs low for you, as we do not have to build and code the shop system from scratch. However depending on what you sell, and things like your shipping rates, and the nature of your business may mean that this is not a suitable option and a bespoke website might be needed.

We have recently launched two websites that were developed bespoke from scratch:

Artplode web development:

professional web design, bespoke web developemnt

The Artplode website is our biggest project to date. We built the entire site from scratch over a period of three months. Members of the public can sign up and pay a small fee to list their artwork for sale on the site, the benefit to the user is that no commission is taken from the sale.

ProBridge web development:

pro bridge web development

ProBridge is a website for bridge enthusiasts to connect with bridge professionals. The site allows the pros to sign up and advertise their services. People are able to check the availability of pros they want to work with, and can contact them directly.