Custom Graphics and Illustration in Web Design

Over the past several years, there has been a strong emphasis on using simple text and photos or images in web design.

While there are advantages to this approach, there is a new movement that is embracing website illustration that is fronting a new, bolder trend.

It has been predicted for years that web design would embrace bolder graphics, illustration, split-screen layouts, and brighter colours. However, only recently has this trend become more popular thanks in part to new software systems and the fading of minimalism as the dominant trend in web design. The use of bolder or bespoke graphic design that embraces illustration is not so much new as it is rediscovering the old.

bespoke illustration and graphic design for your websiteIllustrations go back over 40,000 years and is one of the oldest forms of expression. There is a strong connection that people have to illustration and graphics touches everyone which is why this new trend in bespoke illustration is gaining ground. While the written language was mostly associated with the elite for many centuries, illustrations speak to the common people and that has never faded.

Attributes of bolder, custom graphic design

It should be noted that bolder graphics and illustrations were commonplace at the turn of the 21st century in web design. That faded to the minimalist approach which has dominated ever since. However, there are good reasons why this renewed trend is taking hold.

Vibrant: Thanks to advances in software, bespoke website graphics and illustrations are now bolder, more colourful, and more vibrant than ever. This means that websites stand out for their use of brighter, sharper, and more in-your-face imagery thanks to the new software programs that web designers are using.

Authentic: In addition to being bolder, website illustration is also more authentic which creates a more organic experience for the visitor. This is especially true in custom web designs that can employ a richer feel that translates better to the visitor, and this can also aid user experience due to the lack of ambiguity in the design and layout.

Imaginative: Because this new trend offers so much for those looking to make their logo design and websites stand out, it means a more imaginative approach is now possible. You can go for realism or the opposite direction towards a children’s colouring book if you desire. Only your imagination sets limits on how this form of bespoke graphic design is used.

Future of Graphic Design and Illustration

Because of the new software and code being used, it is now possible to create highly imaginative bespoke illustration and bold graphics that do not slow the download speed of websites to computers and mobile devices. This means more opportunities to stand out and create attention which only benefits your site in terms of attracting visitors.

Because the sky is the limit, it is also important that these new capabilities be tempered by relevance so that your custom web design attracts attention without turning away visitors. There will be more detail involved when using illustrations and graphics, but also a cleanliness that escapes many websites that rely on phones and basic graphics that have dominated the minimalist approach. So, the future is bright for the use of powerful graphics and bold illustrations in today’s online environment.