Website Branding

Website Branding That Resonates with Target Audiences

At Forest Web Design, we create brands by understanding the businesses we represent — and their customers.

What is a brand? And why is it important? A brand is an identity — something that links what you do or sell to the subconscious minds of your customers.

For some companies, branding on a website is nothing more than a colour palette. For others, branding is a font, a word or a sentence.

We get right to the heart of what a business is about — and create a visual identity that represents it in a way that resonates with consumers and businesses.

Our website design and branding service is all your business needs to stand out from the competition. We’re here to create an unmistakable digital identity that will eventually become inextricably linked to the products or services you provide.

Our Approach to Website Branding

At Forest, we understand how time-consuming and costly creating a digital brand can be. That’s why we offer a complete service — including everything you need to turn your business into an online brand.

Our process starts with an in-depth discussion about your creative vision, your products or services and your operations. This helps us to fully understand the needs of your business.

Once we have an intrinsic understanding of the culture and benefits that define your business, we research both your competition and your industry.

Our goal is to offer a complete website branding package that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from the competition.

What Does Our Website and Branding Package Include?

Logo Design

The importance of a logo to the overall branding on a website can’t be understated. This should be a visual representation of what makes your business tick in the minds of your customers.

Our logo design services are designed to deliver three objectives:

  • Create a lasting first impression
  • Create a brand identity that will grow organically over time
  • Add value to your business

We have the expertise, technical know-how and cutting-edge software required to create logos that bring website design and branding to life.

Custom Web Design

The core of our website and branding package is custom web design. We create user-friendly, eye-catching websites designed to cater to your target audience.

We don’t use custom templates, so your website is guaranteed to be as unique as it is functional.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is at the heart of our custom web design services. We create branded websites that perform exceptionally well in search engine ranking pages.

But generating organic traffic is only the beginning of our process. We’ll maximise the chances of browsers becoming buyers by creating logical designs designed to give users a seamless experience.

Graphic Design Services

Too many small and medium-sized businesses turn to third-party companies for professional graphic design services. But we provide the expertise required to create visually striking website branding that can set your company apart from the competition.

We’ll bring your website branding to life with eye-catching, bespoke visuals that tell a compelling story. We know how to use graphics in a way that minimises the need for the kind of written content that often gets ignored by the average consumer.

Learn more about our website design and branding services. Contact us today. We’ll listen carefully to your requirements — and tell you how we can supercharge your brand.

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