More Web Design Trends For 2018 and 2019

More Web Design Trends For 2018 & 2019

In terms of web design trends for 2019, there are already some trends in place that can be expected to grow substantially. Predicting the future of web design trends can be tricky as new technology tends to change the course of many trends. What follows are a few of the most popular current web design trends that should expand in 2019.

Mobile First Design

Perhaps the easiest trend to forecast is the emphasis on mobile first designs. The combination of more people using mobile devices over desktops or laptops starting in 2015 with responsive designs that work well on different sizes of screen and you have a growing trend well into 2019 and beyond. When Google changed their emphasis on mobile sites over sites that are not mobile-friendly, the trend became a tidal wave. The push towards mobile-first design means that online business owners with current, non-mobile-friendly sites or who are just getting started need to jump on the mobile-first trend if they want to capture the consumer base.

Emphasis on Website Speed

When you consider that making a good first impression with your website takes less than three seconds, you understand just how important speed can be. With more people becoming impatient at slow-to-load websites, more web designers are creating streamlined sites that are clean, simple, beautiful, and fast. With Google prioritising speed as one of their search ranking factors, it will only grow in importance over the next year.

Broken Grids / Asymmetric Design

In order to get attention, your online business has to stand out from the crowd. To do that, the use of asymmetrical and broken grid designs have become more commonplace. They are expected to grow considerably in 2019 in large part because so many new businesses will be competing for the same consumer groups.

This trend is also due to the many simple, minimalist designs that emphasis uniformity and symmetry that are present on the web. By creating an asymmetrical design or one with a broken grid, it offers an easy way to stand out as long as the design itself is intuitive and easy to navigate. The key to the success of this approach is creating unusual designs that are still elegant while remain fast to download.


One interesting trend is the use of micro-animations that draw attention without taking up much space. With advances in digital technology, micro-animations are now easier than ever, providing a cost-effective way to grab attention without being a distraction. You see this form of animation all the time on platforms, used to help guide you in progressing through the site. No wonder they are considered such an important trend for 2019.


Another trend that is currently picking up steam and will no doubt become more prevalent is the use of shapes in web design. This represents the middle ground between the traditional minimalist approach and the seemingly chaotic broken grid or asymmetrical appearance.

The emphasis on common shapes, such as hexagons, triangles, or circles offers an easy-to-recognise and follow pattern while still being unique.

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