Copywriting & Content Management

Our website copywriting & content management services help improve your SEO and increase your rankings on the search engines over time.

The best approach to writing good SEO rich content for your site is to keep it short, tell a story, and make sure the content contains your most important keywords.

No matter how much you know about your products and services, writing exciting and relevant information about them on your new website can often be the hardest part of setting up a new site. Website copywriting can be difficult.

However, it is extremely important for a good website ranking!

It’s easy to waffle on and list facts, and to shout about how great your product is, but the trouble is, everyone has become desensitised to marketing speak, and it can often turn people away.

We will identify your keywords together at the very start of the project, the hard part is writing interesting articles, blog posts and product descriptions that capture people’s imaginations so they want to find out more, or better yet, just buy what you’re selling right there and then.

If you struggle to write copy then we can help.
Copywriter services starting at £25 per hour

If you are a great copywriter, then excellent! If you struggle to write copy then we can help. We didn’t start out as copywriters, but after so many years of managing content on websites, making content more concise and keyword rich we’ve become rather good at writing about things, even if we know nothing about them.

As your project starts, we will guide you towards writing good copy with a useful content questionnaire. This helps us all to view your information through your customers eyes, and you’d be surprised just how easy it can be to write good copy by answering the questions that your customers are going to ask. We can then squeeze it all together and make sure it’s concise, and pepper in some more keywords if the copy is lacking them.

As well as this initial help, we also offer copywriting services on an ongoing basis, best utilised in tandem with your social media campaign. Once, twice or however many times a week / month, we can write new copy for you that you can share across the internet on all the platforms you use. Not only does this engage your customers, but it also adds keyword rich content to your site on a relentless basis, giving you an enormous SEO boost.