Digital PR Service

Digital PR Service

Boost your business’s visibility with our expert digital PR services.

Digital PR, crucial to modern public relations, strengthens your brand’s online presence and SEO. This strategy boosts visibility, leveraging digital channels to your advantage.

Through digital PR, we enhance your brand awareness and online presence by collaborating with bloggers, influencers, and journalists. This results in high-quality backlinks, social media mentions, and improved SEO.

Partnering with us for your digital PR journey means more than just amplifying your online presence; it sets the foundation for lasting digital success. We’ll guide you through every step, ensuring your brand shines in today’s crowded digital landscape.

Transform your brand’s reputation with our strategic Digital PR services. Let’s take your online presence to new heights!

What is digital PR?

Digital Public Relations, or Digital PR, is a contemporary and powerful online marketing strategy that aims to boost a business’s online presence and elevate its brand image. In essence, Digital PR encompasses an array of online communications tactics employed to connect businesses with their target audience in the digital realm.

This online communication strategy involves actively engaging with journalists, bloggers, and influencers to create a strong network that can help businesses gain high-quality backlinks, social media mentions, and improved search engine optimisation (SEO). These relationships form the cornerstone of a successful Digital PR campaign, facilitating the spread of a business’s message to the right audience through the right channels.

But Digital PR is not just about link-building and mentions; it’s a holistic approach that blends traditional PR tactics with digital communications to deliver a message that resonates with a modern audience. It involves storytelling, brand messaging, and audience engagement in a way that is native to the digital ecosystem.

Through the strategic use of online press releases, engaging social media content, thought leadership articles, and influencer collaborations, Digital PR helps to build and maintain a positive brand image, increase brand awareness, and ultimately, drive more traffic to a business’s website. By ensuring that a business’s brand is seen and heard in all the right places online, Digital PR plays a crucial role in the success of any digital marketing strategy.

What does digital PR involve?

Digital PR is a multifaceted strategy that encompasses a range of activities to enhance a brand’s online presence. Here’s a closer look at what our Digital PR services involve:

Gaining high-quality backlinks.

We strategically connect with reputable websites and online publications to secure valuable backlinks that will significantly boost your website’s authority and improve its search engine ranking.

Earning publicity online.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure your business is featured on platforms where your target audience spends most of their time, be it popular websites, podcasts, or social media accounts.

Garnering customer reviews.

We help you earn honest and positive customer reviews that will bolster your brand’s credibility and attract more customers.

Engaging with journalists.

Through comments, press releases, and direct interactions, we actively engage with journalists to secure valuable media coverage that will further enhance your brand’s visibility.

But that’s not all. Our Digital PR strategy also includes:

Content creation.

Our skilled content creators craft compelling blog posts, webpage copy, and knowledge bases tailored to your audience.

Social media management.

We leverage the power of social media to amplify your brand’s message and engage with your audience, driving more traffic to your website.

Influencer collaborations.

Our team connects with relevant influencers in your industry to secure product features and reviews that will increase your brand’s reach and credibility.

Building brand trust through reviews.

Positive online reviews are crucial for building brand trust. We help you manage your online reputation by ensuring positive reviews are highlighted, while also addressing any negative feedback.

By incorporating all these elements into our Digital PR strategy, we ensure your brand not only reaches its target audience but also resonates with them, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, and business growth.

Who could use digital PR?

Digital PR is a versatile and effective strategy that can benefit a wide range of businesses and individuals, irrespective of their size or industry. Here are some examples of who could use Digital PR:

Small businesses and start-ups.

Small businesses and start-ups can leverage Digital PR to build their brand presence online, reach a wider audience, and compete with larger players in their industry.

E-commerce brands.

E-commerce brands can benefit from Digital PR by securing product features and reviews from influencers and reputable online publications, driving traffic to their website, and ultimately increasing sales.

Corporate businesses.

For corporate businesses, Digital PR can help to establish a strong corporate image, communicate key messages, and engage with their target audience in a meaningful way.

Non-profit organisations.

Non-profit organisations can use Digital PR to increase awareness about their cause, connect with potential donors and supporters, and build a community around their mission.

Individuals and personal brands.

Digital PR is also beneficial for individuals looking to build their personal brand, such as entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and influencers. Through Digital PR, they can establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

In summary, Digital PR is a powerful tool that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of any business or individual looking to enhance their online presence, build brand awareness, and connect with their target audience in a meaningful way.

Our team of Digital PR experts will work with you to create a customised strategy that aligns with your goals and helps you achieve the results you’re looking for.

What’s the difference between digital PR, SEO, and digital marketing?

While Digital PR, SEO, and Digital Marketing are interconnected and often work in tandem, each serves a distinct purpose in enhancing a brand’s online presence and achieving business objectives.

Digital PR.

Digital PR is the process of boosting a brand’s online reputation through strategic communications and relationship building. It involves networking with journalists, bloggers, and influencers to secure media coverage, backlinks, and social mentions that increase brand visibility and authority.

Key aspects of digital PR:

  • Building relationships with online media, bloggers, and influencers.
  • Securing high-quality backlinks to improve website authority.
  • Managing online reviews and brand reputation.
  • Engaging with journalists for media coverage.


SEO is the practice of optimising a website to improve its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). It involves keyword research, on-page optimisation, and off-page SEO tactics to increase organic traffic.

Key aspects of SEO:

  • Conducting keyword research to identify target keywords.
  • Optimising website content and meta tags for keywords.
  • Building high-quality backlinks to improve domain authority.
  • Improving website speed and mobile-friendliness.

Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing encompasses a range of online marketing strategies to promote a brand or product. It includes SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

Key aspects of digital marketing:

  • Creating and distributing content through various online channels.
  • Engaging with target audiences on social media platforms.
  • Implementing email marketing campaigns.
  • Utilising paid advertising to drive traffic and sales.

In summary, while Digital PR focuses on building relationships and enhancing brand reputation, SEO focuses on improving website visibility, and Digital Marketing encompasses a range of strategies to promote a brand online. All three are integral to a successful online presence, and our team at Forest is experienced in delivering comprehensive strategies that leverage the strengths of each to achieve your business objectives.

How is digital PR different from traditional PR?

Digital PR and Traditional PR share the same fundamental goal of building and maintaining a positive brand image, but they differ significantly in their approach, tactics, and platforms used.

Traditional PR.

Traditional PR focuses on building relationships with print journalists, TV producers, and radio hosts to secure media coverage in newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. The emphasis is on offline media channels, and the success of a campaign is often harder to quantify due to the lack of precise analytics.

Key aspects of traditional PR:

  • Focuses on offline media channels like newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio.
  • Involves press conferences, events, and media relations.
  • Relies heavily on personal relationships with journalists and media producers.
  • Success metrics are often less precise, relying on estimated readership figures and media impressions.

Digital PR.

Digital PR, on the other hand, focuses on online platforms, leveraging the power of the internet to reach a wider audience. It involves building relationships with online journalists, bloggers, and influencers to secure media coverage on websites, blogs, and social media channels. Digital PR also utilises online press releases, content marketing, and social media to enhance a brand’s online presence and SEO.

Key aspects of digital PR:

  • Focuses on online media channels like websites, blogs, and social media.
  • Involves building relationships with online journalists, bloggers, and influencers.
  • Leverages online press releases, content marketing, and social media to enhance brand visibility.
  • Success metrics are more precise, with analytics tools like Google Analytics providing detailed insights into campaign performance.

In summary, while both Digital PR and Traditional PR aim to build a positive brand image, Digital PR takes advantage of the online landscape to reach a broader audience, measure success more precisely, and improve a brand’s online presence and SEO. At Forest, our team of Digital PR experts are skilled in utilising the latest digital tactics to achieve your brand’s objectives and drive business growth.

How digital PR can help your business.

Digital PR is not just about gaining media coverage; it’s a multi-faceted strategy that can significantly impact your business in various positive ways. Here are some of the key benefits of implementing a Digital PR campaign:

Enhanced online presence.

By securing coverage in online publications and working with influencers in your industry, we help to elevate your brand’s online profile, making it more visible to potential customers and clients.

Improved search engine rankings.

High-quality backlinks from reputable online publications and websites are a crucial ranking factor for search engines. Our Digital PR campaigns focus on gaining these valuable backlinks, which will boost your website’s SEO and improve its position in search engine results pages.

Increased website traffic.

With your brand featured on popular blogs, online magazines, and social media platforms, you’ll see a significant increase in website traffic. This increase in traffic can lead to more conversions and sales.

Greater brand trust and credibility.

Positive mentions of your brand online, especially on well-respected platforms, will enhance your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your target audience.

Broader audience reach.

Digital PR allows you to reach a broader audience than traditional PR. Through online publications, social media, and influencer collaborations, we can expose your brand to potential customers globally.

Crisis management.

In case of a PR crisis, a strong digital presence can be your brand’s saviour. We’ll help manage the situation by addressing the issue head-on and utilising online platforms to communicate your brand’s side of the story.

Engagement with target audience.

Engaging with your audience through social media and other online platforms helps to build a community around your brand, increasing customer loyalty and advocacy.

In summary, a well-executed Digital PR campaign can significantly enhance your brand’s online presence, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately lead to more conversions and sales. We pride ourselves on delivering results-driven Digital PR campaigns that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Digital PR incorporated into your SEO & digital marketing package.

We understand the integral relationship between Digital PR, SEO, and your overall digital marketing strategy. Here’s how we seamlessly incorporate Digital PR into your SEO and digital marketing package to maximise your online success:

Digital PR and SEO.

Link building.

Our Digital PR campaigns focus on securing high-quality backlinks from reputable online publications, blogs, and websites. These backlinks are a crucial ranking factor for search engines and will help improve your website’s SEO and search engine rankings.

Content optimisation.

We ensure that all the content we create and distribute as part of your Digital PR campaign is fully optimised for search engines. This includes using relevant keywords, meta tags, and alt text to improve the content’s visibility in search engine results pages.

Online reputation management.

A positive online reputation is essential for SEO success. We monitor and respond to online reviews and mentions of your brand, ensuring that your online reputation remains positive and enhances your SEO efforts.

Digital PR and digital marketing.

Social media integration.

We integrate your Digital PR campaign with your social media strategy, utilising platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to maximise your brand’s online exposure.

Influencer collaboration.

We collaborate with influencers in your industry to create sponsored content, product reviews, and other promotional materials that will be shared with their followers, significantly expanding your brand’s reach.

Email marketing integration.

We leverage your email marketing campaigns to distribute press releases, company news, and other Digital PR materials to your existing customer base, further enhancing your brand’s online presence.

In summary, our approach to Digital PR is holistic, incorporating it into every aspect of your SEO and digital marketing strategy to achieve maximum results. By seamlessly integrating Digital PR with SEO and digital marketing, we ensure that your brand receives the online exposure it deserves, driving more traffic to your website, increasing your search engine rankings, and ultimately leading to more conversions and sales.

In conclusion, our Digital PR services are your gateway to establishing a formidable online presence and propelling your brand to new heights. We leverage the power of digital channels, combined with strategic collaborations, to enhance your brand’s visibility, foster positive customer reviews, and improve your SEO rankings.

Join us on this journey to digital excellence and watch your brand thrive in the digital landscape. Let’s get started on crafting a tailored Digital PR strategy that aligns with your brand’s unique needs and objectives, ensuring you stand out in the competitive digital world.

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