New Website Design

We believe that investing in a high quality website is the digital equivalent of a building right in the centre of the town or city, allowing you to attract more customers for a fraction of the cost.

Think of your website as your home or office. It’s where most of your customers will spend their time. How it looks says as much about your business as your prior history. Website design is your calling card. It establishes not only what you do but who are you to potential customers or clients.

Smart Web Design

Website design should always be logical, responsive, and innovative. It has to not only grab attention, but also hold it. You have less than 6 seconds to gain a web visitor’s attention, so use those 6 seconds wisely by:

  • Making your website easy to use
  • Making it interactive
  • Using appropriate colours
  • Appropriating familiar design
  • Letting it tell a story

Successful Website Design

We want to help you build a website that actively works on your behalf to communicate concepts, thoughts, and trust to your clients. Our website design services are made to order! Our team of creative and technical experts will work with you to get a feel of what you need to be successful as an online communicator. We will work with you to establish a website design that will engage your customers and take your business to the next level

A few websites from our portfolio:

website design
smartracks website design

Included in all website design packages:

Responsive design

Responsive websites work on mobile, tablet and desktop and change their structure depending on which device they are being shown. Make sure visitors to your site can use your website properly regardless of their device. Over 50% of all web traffic is now mobile, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your site is responsive.

Built in SEO

Good SEO practices will give you a solid foundation from which to build your brand. We use all the expertise we have built up over the years and apply these practices to every part of your new website that we can. After identifying the right keywords with you, we build these into your site and give you the power to continue doing so as you build your site with new content.

Easy to update

The WordPress CMS system is probably the easiest and most powerful CMS solution you can find online. It’s free to use and open source so not only will this cut down the initial costs, ongoing costs are usually lower too thanks to the open source community plugins. WordPress is extremely functional and customisable, so regardless of whether you need a 3 page brochure site or some kind of community magazine website, WordPress is usually the ideal solution.

First year hosting free

It’s annoying when you get quoted a price that you think is reasonable, but then you realise you have to pay up front for other related services, increasing the initial cost of your project. That’s why with us, the first year of hosting is always free, regardless of the size of your project. Hosting starts as soon as we set up a development website for your project and is renewed at that same time each following year. We offer some of the best value hosting around, which includes daily off-site backups and 24/7/365 support from our suppliers.