SEO Services

We provide a wide range of SEO services at £20 per hour. We can do one off SEO setup and integration with Google, run an SEO report on your site to fix any important omissions, or work with you on an ongoing basis to increase your ranking over a period of months.

Pay as you go SEO
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SEO services at £20 per hour, cancel any time

SEO Setup

If you have quite an old website, or a site that has been built on an online website building tool, there may be some important SEO related information that is not being displayed on your site. There are 100s of different things that search engines look for when they are ranking your site. With our SEO setup services we scour your site for anything that might be holding back your listing, correct as many errors as you want us to, and make sure your site has been integrated with, and added to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We will provide you with logins to Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Tools if you do not already have them so you can keep abreast of your website stats, and any alerts relating to your website from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The initial set ups and checks usually only take a few hours, we will then present you with a list of things that should be changed ordered by importance. You can decide what you would like us to fix or how much you want to spend, we will then get to work making sure your site has the best possible platform from which to climb up the search engine rankings.

SEO Setup
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Make sure your site is properly optimised

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Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation

Ongoing SEO work allows us to identify long term goals and targets which we can work towards. We work with you to identify the best keywords for your brand / website, and work towards integrating these keywords into your content and into the background so that your search engine ranking increases.

After compiling a definitive list of keywords, we use Google’s keyword planner tool to find out which of those keywords are the most popular with web users. This allows us to streamline our efforts and pick the best keywords that will give you more visitors and more conversions.

We can do all the initial setup services mentioned above, as well as monthly content writing services that are based around your keywords. Over time we build up a powerful ‘web’ of new content, images and pages linked together on your site which reinforce your sites keywords and direction.

Ongoing SEO
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Stay ahead of your competition

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Complete SEO / Website Overhaul

If you have an established site that you don’t want to risk redeveloping, there are still hundreds of ways which we could improve your ranking. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing your website’s speed
  • Renaming images and folders
  • Checking images for alt tags
  • Making sure pages have unique keywords and descriptions

Sometimes in situations where you have a fairly highly ranked established website, it can take some convincing to give it a complete overhaul. Usually, when Google notices a site has changed completely (design, url’s, content and layout), its ranking can drop slightly until Google has had time to make sure everything is still OK. Regardless of your industry, it’s ideal for this not to happen so if you are worried about the impact a complete overhaul would have on your website we can still do plenty of things in the background that will improve your ranking.

We can have a good look through your existing website and tell you where we can help.

Targeted SEO
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Overhaul your site's SEO with the best keywords

About SEO

The best way to achieving a high ranking on Google is to follow all the rules, and to add fresh new content to your site on a regular basis. If Google sees that you are adding new keyword rich content once a week, or once a month, it will know to keep coming back to your site to check for new things. Not only will the extra content benefit your ranking but the increased visits will too. As well as this, if your competitors are not updating their site then you have a great chance to overtake them after a few months of adding good quality content.

Our Top SEO Tips

  1. make sure your new content is relevant and keyword rich
  2. link keywords to their relevant pages across your site
  3. make sure not to add too many keywords to your page or to repeat yourself
  4. try not to reuse content from elsewhere on your site
  5. try to add at least one image to every new piece of content on your site
  6. make sure those images are named appropriately