How We Work

After meeting with you we will produce design drafts to kick start the website design process. These are provided without obligation.

We are happy to talk through your needs for however long you need before you are happy.

Once we have agreed what you need, the first step for your new website design is for us to create design drafts for you, so you can see what your new website might look like. The process evolves from there as we fine tune the design and layout until you are happy with a design. We then ask for 50% of the cost upfront, we then procure your domain name and hosting package and work can begin immediately after these are ready, which is usually 24 hours.

How can we help?

New Website

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, we can help with your new website design. Find out more about the different packages we offer for different types of website.

SEO Services

We work with you on an ongoing basis to increase your website ranking over a period of months. Find out more about the wide range of SEO services we offer to our clients.

Once we begin work, your website will evolve until everybody is happy, your website will then launch, and the remaining 50% of the cost is paid upon launch,

We will research your field, ask you about your competitors, give you a brief questionnaire to fill out which will help us to understand what’s profitable for you and what the main areas of your businesses are. We will then plan a series of goals which you would like your website to accomplish. Once these are agreed we will plan these out and start building these goals into your website.

Of course things can change during this process, we are more than happy to amend things if any new ideas or issues come up during this process.

We will agree beforehand whether you wish to manage your content yourself after launch. This is easier than you’d think, and we offer full support once your site is live. We certainly don’t ignore you once your site is completed! Alternatively we can manage any new content you wish to include after launch, which will be billed at our hourly rate. Most updates and new pages, for example, do not take very long to complete once the site structure is in place, so the costs for this will not be high. This will all be explained to you when you are weighing up your options.

We work from home, which keeps costs down, and prices down for you. You don’t need to pay VAT on top of what we quote you, and if things need to be done to a very tight deadline, we can work in the evenings to accomplish this. We’re not constrained by office hours.

Reach more people and grow your business

Fill out our short enquiry form and find out more.

Reach more people and grow your business

Fill out our short enquiry form and find out more.