Domains & Website Hosting

We have multiple options for domains & website hosting, depending on your goals and the size of your company and your website.

Hosting packages can easily be upgraded in the future as your website and company grow.

Hosting packages are available for new websites, and existing websites.

We use two different companies for procuring domains & website hosting. Both are based locally in the UK and provide excellent support. We use one company for our smaller sites, however if you are a medium to large sized company, or you outgrow your hosting / bandwidth we would recommend you utilise the more powerful website hosting packages we can offer.

Reasonably priced web hosting – Hosting for small websites can be as little as £80 a year

Need a new host for your website?

Website domain names are usually priced at around £10 a year although this does depend on the length or specificity of the words used in the domain, as well as the type of domain (whether it is .com or for example). It is easier for us to hold your domain name, and we would put into your contract that despite it being held by us that you own the domain and if you wish to move elsewhere we would not charge you anything release it back to you.

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