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We recently launched a customised WordPress blog for the NewsAdviser team

NewsAdviser is the ideal place to go to see who’s saying what in the media, and to discover how different sections of the Press approach the same story. NewsAdviser keeps you up to date with world events and allows you to decide for yourself regarding the biggest issues facing the world today.

The WordPress website we set up for NewsAdviser works a lot like a blog, the NewsAdviser team post stories daily which filter through to relative sections on the website. Currently there are around 10 major topics on the site, including Brexit, politics, opinion, austerity and society.

newsadviser wordpress news website home page

Website visitors can scroll through the articles and read the original articles that these are based on, to get more of a perspective on the events due to the different sources of information.

As well as numerous news categories, the website also has a monthly archive, and a blog section where the news over the previous month gets rounded up and detailed by their expert team. An RSS feed also allows users of the website to keep up to date and get the news delivered to them.

WordPress is the ideal solution for a website like this, due to the powerful built in blogging tools and ease of customisation. We were able to set up a very cost effective website for NewsAdviser that met all their needs without breaking the bank.

We were also tasked with designing a logo for the website. With input from the client we tried a variety of different styles and colours, before they chose their favourite from the drafts we provided.

We are delighted with the NewsAdviser website and hope that it makes a difference to how the news is consumed by consumers.

Posted in the Design Portfolio blog category on October 20, 2018.

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