Website and Logo Design for Foot Specialist

New bespoke WordPress website launched with custom designed logo design for Leicester based orthotist Nick Gallogly.

This new company in Leicester was looking to really stand out within the industry of orthotics and turned to us for assistance.

We built them a dynamic, responsive website complete with a logo design. We set our top copywriting team on the website copy for the best possible, optimised content available using a variety of white hat SEO techniques. Their primary goal was to attract localised traffic, so the SEO really needed to be highly centered around their particular area.

Orthotics is a very specialised medical business and service. People really like to see what they are getting. A combination of professional photography and high quality stock images made sure to cover all bases for the visitors, clearly showing the different consultations available and the types of products on offer.

Lastly, we made sure to get solid indexing on Google, along with a full Google profile including business and maps for the best SERP. When launching a brand new business it’s essential to register your new website on the major search engines, and to provide your business information to places like Google Business so that you are more visible on the search engines.

New business or well-established, we can help you with your website needs. Contact us, and we can get started making sure you are reaching the customer base you need.