Responsive Custom Website for New Startup

Custom built bespoke website just launched for Cut Edge Bond based in Berkshire. Bespoke layout WordPress website built from scratch.

They are a very niche business and really wanted to stand out because of that. We decided together that the best solution would be to start from the absolute beginning and create a custom, bespoke website that would stand out from the crowd and really show their services to the clients and public at large.

Like so many of our customers, WordPress was the best decision. The ease and friendly way WordPress sites can be tailored to the customer and allow them to manage portions of the site was exactly what the customer wanted.

One thing the customer wanted was to display their many services and price lists. This was best accomplished with website branding and a variety of large images and well-made videos demonstrating some of their many techniques. Lastly, they needed a way for their customers to reach them outside of working hours for quotes and contact – two things we were able to provide.

The dark green and sleek modern look gave the page precisely what the team wanted. They were exceptionally happy with the outcome. Chances are we can do the same for you. When do you want to get started? Contact us today!