Professional Website for London Consultants

We’re delighted to launch this professional website for employee wellbeing consultants in London, incorporating their existing branding.

MyHaswell already had existing branding as they are already a well-established company. They instead needed a bit of touch up to make their website more responsive and highly attractive to its visitor base to coincide with the launch of their new app.

We started with a custom, bespoke website to match their current level of branding. This was built from scratch from the ground up. Additionally, they wanted plenty of high quality stock images and pictures to really bring home their services to the community.

The WordPress platform made for quick and easy management of the entire process and continual maintenance. With WordPress it’s easy to create blog posts, news articles, new pages and more. You can assign new content to different parts of the website and WordPress also makes it easy to share your content online. T

heir clients are important, so we included a place for blogs and pictures in a gallery. User documentation and product information are available to download on the site.

Sometimes, a custom website built from scratch is necessary. We can build yours to your specifications, contact us today.