New Website Launched for Pest Control Company in Reading

We were delighted to recently launch a brand new responsive WordPress website for a local pest control company called Pestox.

Pestox is a company in Oxfordshire and Berkshire that is responsible for pest control. The company is open 24 hours to deliver call out services and they needed a fast website that would be accessible on many types of mobile devices.

By making sure that the website could be accessed on many different types of mobile devices and by showcasing the wide range of services that they have to offer, it was possible to showcase the selling points of the company to more  potential customers.

We introduced a highly optimised code that loaded faster and improved SEO throughout the page. By minimising load times by improving the galleries and images across the site, we set out improvements that could resonate with every customer in their local area. We also made sure to optimise code throughout the site to improve loading times and to make the site itself easier to navigate.

The Pestox site is a completely bespoke web design and layout. Every service is detailed throughout the page and it features a design that is far more responsive than the initial version that we were presented with. Also included on the page is a new local content strategy and new imagery that really enhanced the modern look of the page.

With this bespoke design and layout the company is able to reach a wider audience as well as attract new business with a page that is highly professional and ready to start converting new sales. Digital marketing was taken care of with all pages ready to be used as landing pages.

If you are interested in optimisation for your page and you run a company like Pestox, contact us today for more information.