New Website For Sense Of Ease Physiotherapy

WordPress website design & SEO for a Physiotherapist and Mindfulness coach in Berkshire

Sense Of Ease combine the use of physiotherapy, holistic therapies, mindfulness and meditation to deliver integrated rehabilitation of body, mind and spirit.

They are a brand new company, as such we helped with a wide range of aspects to get them online including web design, logo design, graphic design, copywriting and SEO setup.

It makes sense to decide on your logo before starting to design the website as you will want them to match and complement each other and this is best accomplished when picking your logo design and branding first.

logo design and branding in reading, berkshire

After our meeting we started working on logo drafts, trying a wide range of colours, styles and fonts. Once the logo design had been approved, we could finalise the rules for branding and then start work on the website design.

The website was designed in tandem with a variety of flyers and posters. Basing the flyers and posters off the website design, we were able to create a range of templates that can be used for different flyers and posters in the future.

web design for sense of ease physiotherapy

The design itself is clean and crisp, with lots of white space and contemporary typography. We used a lot of pastel colours, and some asymmetry to focus users attention on various parts of the page.  We were able to source license free stock images for most pages, cutting down costs, with a few premium images added in to complete the look.

The website is fully responsive, with different layouts displaying in an easy to read manner on all devices. Following our mobile-first design principles, we made sure the website is lightweight, quick to load, and all on a reasonably priced website host. Making sure your website loads quickly on mobile is more important than ever these days.

Copywriting services were utilised to clean up and focus some of the website content. We usually always recommend using a copywriter to finalise or manage your website content. This is also a service we can provide for you to make sure your content is perfect and contains the right amount of words / phrases and details relating to your services.

Once the website was ready to launch, we registered the website on Google and integrated the site with all Google services including Google Business, which allows your company to be displayed on Google Maps.


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