New Website Design for Reading Tech Company

We’re delighted to launch this new tech website for ArkhamTek in Reading, Berkshire featuring a modern tech design.

They had a logo which they liked and were proud of, so we worked around that logo to design their web presence. The customer wanted excellent branding. We had to begin with a functional, yet dynamic website to showcase their particular toolsets and design. This meant looking for high quality stock images they could use and have visitors spend time reviewing – vital for a new company.

Like all sites, the company wanted their website to be responsive and mobile friendly for the customer on the move. We chose WordPress to build their site. WordPress is the best tool for new businesses looking to get online without breaking the bank.

Tech is their primary sphere. They wanted a tech style and look to the site. We made sure to have the site look futuristic and tech based.

Lastly, they needed a place for customers to get more information. We made sure to include lead generation via an enquiry form on the site.

We can do the same for you and your business. Contact us, and we will get started.