New Website Design for DrBK Cosmetic Dentist in Reading

We were tasked with the complete redesign of a brand new clinic website for the DrBK clinic.

The overall goal was to create a layout that would be responsive on many devices as well as detailed the wide range of treatments that the clinic had to offer from its professionals.

We got started by cultivating a series of high-quality images that we could use across the website to demonstrate the quality of the services and to showcase the professionalism of the clinic. After we acquired the images that we needed we set to work creating a mobile friendly layout that would be responsive and it would use these images in a compressed format for faster loading times.

Our content creation specialists got to work on the process of creating writeups for the wide range of treatments. By working one-on-one with the medical staff we created highly detailed descriptions that were medically accurate for the site and then optimised them for maximum search engine traffic. By working with on page SEO and optimising the content we were able to create a high converting website that would load quickly and offer valuable information. The site is also prepared for digital marketing and ad campaigns.

As a completely bespoke design and layout we would go on to introduce a series of additional images and galleries to put patients minds at ease and to demonstrate the various treatments that Dr. BK could provide. This design was completely different from any competition sites in the area and would produce a very unique look for this niche within the local market.

By working with the clinicians each step of the way we could make sure that the changes and additions to the website were medically accurate and in line with the vision of the Dr. BK brand.

We have continued to troubleshoot and optimise the website since its launch and were extremely proud of the results in this example from our portfolio of websites from the medical niche.

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