Custom Web Design for Local Church in Reading

Easily manageable WordPress website migrated and set up for the Church Of Our Lady St Anne in Caversham, Reading.

Serving the greater Reading community for centuries, Our Lady of St. Anne needed a larger, more robust website. We delivered the following web design services.

Our first task was to migrate the older, complicated, and large website to a new home. Once that was accomplished, we constructed a new website on WordPress, a popular and robust platform that allowed for greater access and ease of use thanks to its simple, powerful design.

The improvements were immediate, thanks to the boosted download speed and heightened security that provided a more user-friendly approach. Plus, the easy content management makes operating the site by the client a simple matter. The site provides blog posts, events, news, and other activities on their calendar.

The history of Our Lady of St. Anne stretches back through the centuries. Over that time, countless numbers of people have been helped by the spiritual services offered by the church. From offering regular church services to organising funerals, making arrangements for hospital stays, and more, Our Lady of St. Anne Church closely serves the community.

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