Bespoke Website For Property Services Company In Reading

Brand new responsive WordPress website and built in search engine optimisation

Property Maintenance Reading is an offshoot of Five Star Services who we built a new website for recently

Five Star Services provide a wide range of property maintenance solutions for both residential and commercial clients in Reading. We were approached to build them a new website for the main part of their business, and this website was successfully launched a few months ago. Once the main website was launched we started work building them a new website for the second aspect of their business. As the different services were not too similar to the original services we proposed a second website so not to dilute the search engine optimisation of the main site.

We used the same WordPress theme as the main site, and then set to work customising the layout further to differentiate the design from the original. We used a different colour palette, and designed a new logo & branding style for the website.

Additional services undertaken were copywriting and content management, we wrote all the content for the new website to ensure that each service had a good amount of content that was perfectly optimised. When a website has this many services, it’s imperative that each service has its own unique page so that each service page has a chance of a good ranking on Google.

The website is fully responsive / mobile friendly and has been optimised for their range of services in the local area. Utilising our copywriting services is a great way to give your website the best start after launch, we ensure that there are a good amount of high quality paragraphs of text, with the ideal keyword density. Making sure the contents follows these guidelines is a surefire way of letting the search engines know exactly what it is you do, where you do it, and what makes your company stand out.

Posted in the Design Portfolio blog category on April 16, 2018.

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