Bespoke Web Design and Branding for Natural Stone Company

Custom logo design, branding and fully responsive and mobile friendly WordPress website for Trajan Stone. Bespoke logo design.

Seeing as how this company is very much a specialized business working with a highly select group of clientele. It was absolutely imperative that we work with them to create a web presence that would impress all potential customers and showcase their amazing product. We built a high end design with custom illustration, website branding, and logo.

We started bespoke – logo design and website branding. The design was secondary to the photography of the details in the stone. Illustrations were also bespoke, and all animation and transitions were fully custom.

The website was built on the WordPress CMS due to ease of content management and easy updates by the client. With WordPress it’s also easy to manage photo galleries, photo lightboxes and to generally make your site look better with fantastic imagery.

Wrapping up the site, we made certain it was optimised, responsive and completely mobile ready.