Bespoke Design for Manufacturing Company in Frome

Just launched, we’re delighted to announce this new and completely custom bespoke web design for a CNC manufacturing company in Somerset.

This company was looking for a single page layout. We started with bespoke design and custom illustration to showcase their CNC design capabilities. We decided on video background with custom built animations and illustrations. We built custom sections with popups and other animation / transition effects.

The entire site is set up to be mobile friendly and completely responsive for the user experience.

The outcome was a website with crisp, clear design that was heavy on the visual with enough technical specs to keep the visitor interested in learning more.

The company wanted to keep things simple as well since they wanted some management control – the WordPress platform is ideal for this and allows easy content and image management. Everything is lightweight and bespoke meaning only what’s needed is loaded. Bespoke websites have a big advantage over off the shelf websites for this reason, generally loading faster and being quicker to use all round.

Do you have a website that can use some updating and customisation? We are always ready and willing to help a new customer – contact us today!