What You’ll Need

To get started on your website all you need is a company name and information about your company and products. Things move quicker depending on how much content you have about your company from the start. We provide all clients with a questionnaire and a list of recommended pages before we start any work, which helps us to identify what’s important to you and what’s important about your company. This helps us structure the site better to accomplish your goals and to direct your customers in the right place.

We can help you to write your content and proof read it if necessary. Of course you know more about your business than we do, so we try to direct you towards writing the right things and we can then help with the structuring afterwards.

To get the ball rolling, before we can provide you with design drafts we will need a few paragraphs of information about your business that we can use on the draft, as well as product pictures if you have any. Once you have returned the questionnaire to us we can start structuring your draft in the way we think will best suit you and your customers. The rest you can leave to us!

Once you are happy with your drafts we will start building your site, paying attention to all the little details along the way, ensuring your site is the best it can be.

It can take between 1 week and 3 months for a site to be finished, which all depends on the level of design work needed by the client, and the amount of content.

Generally, after we have exchanged some information and had a meeting to discuss things, work starts the next day.