Website Upgrades

If you have an existing site that needs updating, or perhaps you’d like to move it over to a better content management system then we can help.

We recommend upgrading your website to WordPress as it’s an affordable way to set up a great looking site that you can update and manage yourself.

If you are happy with your current system and do not want the site moved anywhere else, we can still apply some new designs and functionality to the site.

affordable cheap web design
Save money if you already have your content and branding
15% off the total cost of your upgrade

If you’re looking for a complete website upgrade and you already have most of your content along with corporate guidelines then this will reduce the cost of your new website with us.

Need an upgrade for your website?

Services we offer

We can make your website mobile and tablet friendly

Responsive design (making sure websites look great on mobile, tablet and desktop) is more important than ever these days as so many people use their phones as their main internet device. Old websites often don’t load properly on mobile phones, and this can drive customers away.

We can re-optimise your site for the search engines

There are a lot of things we can do in the background of your site than can improve your ranking without completely overhauling your site. If you are worried about changing too much on your site but you want to see some improvements, this is the ideal solution.

You can read more about our SEO services here.

We can take your design and content and move it over to a better CMS

If you have a site you are happy with, but perhaps you cannot update it yourself, or you just want to move away from your existing website designer then we can move your website for you, or rebuild it on a new platform such as WordPress. We automatically reduce the price of new websites in this circumstance, as there will often be lots of existing content we can use, as well as existing branding guidelines and logos etc. Of course if you want a completely new website we can do that too!

You can read more about our new website packages here. Be sure to let us know you already have existing content / branding guidelines so we can factor this in with your quote.