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Responsive web design is the approach of creating sites that are optimised for multiple types of devices. A responsive website will appear normal on a full sized screen, and will resize and reorder itself on a mobile or tablet device for maximum ease of use.

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Responsive websites work on all devices

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Images resize depending on screen resolution

The goal of responsive web design is to make sure that users of websites, no matter what device they are using, can see everything neatly laid out for them. Zooming in and out on your mobile, trying to find the right links and bits of information can be a struggle and most people are likely to give up if they can’t quickly find what they are looking for, so it definitely pays to have your website optimised for mobile and tablet sites.

This is something that can be done after launch, or before launch. It is easier to implement when building the main site though.

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The general approach favoured by most designers is to build and optimise for the mobile site first, to ensure that people using the most basic devices can still see the site, and then code up, ending with the finished website that displays neatly on a mobile device but that also has its full functionality when viewed on a desktop computer.

The design and development of a website should enable each device that’s viewing the website should respond to the behavior of the user and base the website display on screen size, platform and orientation. Using a mix of flexible grids and layouts, multi sized images and an clever use of CSS, web designers can ensure that a website looks great on any device.

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