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Our biggest and most recent web design project, Artplode has been three months in the making. Artplode is a website where artists, galleries, dealers and the public all over the world can list artworks for sale with no commission charged.

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We are very excited about the potential for Artplode to revolutionise the way art is bought and sold across the world!

Artplode provides an online forum where sellers and buyers can connect directly with all transactions completed without any commission charged to sellers or buyers. This means better deals for buyers and sellers receiving 100% of the proceeds of the sale of their artworks.

Artplode was built with another local web design company, Artofdata.

On Artplode you can:

  • Register as a buyer or seller
  • Contact art sellers to make an offer for the art listed
  • Favourite works of art you want to keep an eye on
  • Sign up for alerts when art by your favourite artists has been listed
  • List and sell artwork online, commission free
  • Pay for advertising space on the site
  • Feature your artworks in numerous categories
  • Search for and filter art by location, style, subject, medium and more
  • Get expert advice relating to your artwork by submitting forms online

We are absolutely delighted with the Artplode website!

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